Safety Charter

Enerflow is committed to health, safety and wellbeing of its employees. We understand that in order to reach our goal of an incident free work place a relationship between the organisation and its employees is required.

Reaching Enerflow`s , values and safety requirements is essential to develop safety behaviours and a positive work culture.

Compliance with Enerflow safety requirements is not optional and any breach of them will be treated as a breach of this charter and the conditions of your employment. A serious breach may, after investigation, be treated with summary dismissal.

At Enerflow, we believe that:
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Each of us is accountable for meeting our occupational health and safety responsibilities.
  • Engagement of all levels of the organisation is required to promote and maintain a safe workplace.
  • Enerflow is ultimately responsible for the occupational health and safety of our employees.
  • Clients have an obligation to ensure the occupational health and safety of an Enerflow employee.
  • Incident investigation is about finding out what happened and why, not who can be blamed.
  • Each employee who suffers a work-related injury or illness will be provided with the necessary assistance to safely return to their pre-injury duties.
  • The involvement and participation of all employees is necessary to achieve the goal of a incident free work place.
  • Clients have an obligation to share in the provision of alternative duties for injured/ill workers.
  • Based on the belief that we are accountable for our actions and that working safely is a condition of employment, clear and firm rules are provided to ensure your safety and welfare.
  • Always act in a way that never endangers me or others.
  • Assist others to work safely and not knowingly permit anyone to work unsafely.
  • Demonstrate my commitment to safety by integrating safety into every part of my work day.
  • Always follow Enerflow and Client procedures and wear the required PPE.
  • Only perform work if competent, qualified, licenced and authorised to do so.
  • Always attend work fit for duty, not adversely affected by drugs or alcohol.
  • Never physically abuse or verbally threaten anyone with violence.
  • Follow all instructions and procedures to comply with environmental laws.
  • Not steal, use without authority, misuse or deliberately damage company or client property.
  • Participate in Enerflow and client safety consultation activities.
  • Report all incidents and hazards to Enerflow or client immediately.
  • If injured, actively participate in Enerflow`s return to work program.

I have read about Enerflow’s beliefs and safety requirements and agree to abide by them. I understand that these safety requirements and beliefs are there to assist me, and other Enerflow personnel, to remain safe and free from injury.

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