PPE and Clothing Policy

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be arranged between employees and a Enerflow representative when required. Employees and staff must arrive at every job location with the appropriate PPE and it must be worn on all occasions where its use is specified.

Where PPE is provided, it is Eneflow’s expectation that the equipment is cared for, and maintained, in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. Employees are to advise their Enerflow representative if replacement PPE is required.

Enerflow Employees have a responsibility to ensure that the PPE is:
  • Available for wear.
  • In good order and repair.
  • Clean and tidy.
  • The appropriate branded PPE and clothing.
  • Appropriate to the work performed and meets required standards.
  • Returned to Enerflow on cessation of employment. It is Enerflow’s
responsibility to:
  • Where applicable provide agreed PPE.
  • Provide PPE which meets industry and legislative requirements such as Australian, New Zealand or international Standards.
  • Replace faulty PPE where applicable.
  • Provide instruction on the use of PPE
  • Replace the PPE due to fair wear and tear.
  • Maintain records of issue/re-issue and replacement of PPE. If specialised PPE is required, employees shall consult with their Enerflow representative before commencing work. Where agreed under an award and where applicable, basic PPE is provided by Enerflow’s respective business units. When visiting or working at a client site PPE must be taken with every employee. Appropriate PPE must be worn on all occasions where its use is specified.


Enerflow is committed to protecting the health and safety of all its employees while they are at work. Enerflow will provide eye protection, which meets Australian Standards, for all prescribed tasks.

For employees who wish to wear hardened prescription lenses in place of their over glasses, they must ensure that glasses purchased comply with appropriate Australian Standards and have appropriate side shields fitted.

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