Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Enerflow is committed to protecting the health and safety of all persons in the workplace including employees, contractors and other visitors. Enerflow demonstrates this commitment through its health and safety management system which is integrated with all organisational activities related to products, services and people.

Enerflow acknowledges that the organisation, its employees, contractors and visitors have a duty of care which incorporates the responsibility to work safely, to take all reasonable care for their own health and safety, and to consider the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their actions.

Enerflow will take all reasonable and practical steps to improve work safety conditions and will strive to uphold its core values of safety, knowledge, integrity and leadership in order to achieve its goal of a incident free work place.

Enerflow is committed to achieving the following objectives:
  • Complying with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, standards and other requirements placed upon the organisation.
  • Providing safe plant and equipment, for controlled work.
  • Implementing effective risk and hazard management systems which are relevant and suitable for the organisation’s risk exposure.
  • Ensuring all relevant personnel remain directly responsible and accountable for their health, safety and welfare as well as that of other stakeholders, and that adequate resources are provided to assist managers in this cause.
  • Provision of appropriate health and safety training to all relevant persons.
  • Maintaining relevant policies, procedures, systems, information, training, recognition programs, and organisational structures to support and communicate effective health and safety practices throughout the company.
  • Utilising appropriate internal and/or external expertise, when required, in all related activities.
  • Establish and review targets and objectives at defined intervals to improve health and safety in the workplace.
  • Review, promote and continuously improve health and safety performance.
  • Facilitate consultation activities to ensure that employees are actively involved in decision making processes which impact on their health and safety.
  • Effectively disseminate health and safety information to all persons in the workplace.
  • Maintain a positive safety culture through encouraging active participation, consultation and cooperation of executive management, all employees, contractors and visitors to improve health and safety at work.
  • Actively responding to, and investigating all incidents, and ensuring injured employees are returned to suitable work at the earliest possible opportunity through equitable claims management and rehabilitation practices.

Enerflow will implement and maintain these systems inclusive of policies and procedures. These objectives will be monitored regularly to ensure their integrity and effectiveness to facilitate continuous improvement.

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