Health Surveillance Policy

Enerflow is committed to providing a safe workplace for all of its employees and will take action to eliminate workplace hazards. Enerflow acknowledges that health surveillance is required following exposure to hazardous substances and processes which have the potential to result in disease or health effects upon exposure.

Occupational health hazards requiring health surveillance may comprise, but are not limited to: noise, hazardous substances, dangerous goods, fumes, dusts and gases.

Enerflow makes the following commitments:
  • Enerflow will work with all of its clients to ensure this policy is met.
  • Enerflow will take action to ensure the identification of workplaces and employees which require health surveillance.
  • The hierarchy of risk control will be used in the elimination or mitigation of identified workplace hazards.
  • Occupational health monitoring and medical surveillance programs will be conducted under the supervision of appropriately qualified medical personnel, chosen in consultation with employees, where required.
  • All health surveillance associated costs are to be met by Enerflow and/or the client.
  • The provision of assistance to facilitate required treatment programs should an employee receive abnormal health surveillance results.
  • Notification of exposure and/or the presence of hazards requiring health surveillance, to relevant employees and Statutory Authorities, in line with legislative requirements.
  • Maintenance of health surveillance records, with respect to storage, privacy and confidentiality, in line with legislative requirements.
  • Occupational health promotion, education and awareness will be conducted in keeping with the assessed level of risk and controls.
This policy is supported by detailed procedures contained within the Enerflow`s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).
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