Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Enerflow acknowledges that drugs and alcohol are part of our society. These substances must not jeopardise our employees safe work performance and wellbeing whilst employed by Enerflow.

Enerflow’s Drug and Alcohol Policy is designed to achieve:
  • All Enerflow employees must not be affected by drugs, alcohol or other substances whilst at work.
  • The consumption or possession of illegal drugs by Enerflow employees is prohibited whilst at work.
  • Enerflow employees, when placed at client sites, must comply with the client’s drug and alcohol policies, procedures and practices.
  • Enerflow induction and OHS programs will include an overview of the Group’s Drug and Alcohol policy for improved employee awareness and understanding.
  • Enerflow may assist in arranging confidential counselling and rehabilitation support services for employees with drug or alcohol issues.
  • Enerflow reserves the right to administer appropriate drug and alcohol testing of all employees.
  • Breaches of this policy will result in disciplinary action. Depending on the circumstances, such action may include termination of employment.
Enerflow`s Drug and Alcohol Policy is based on the following principles:
  • The use of drugs and alcohol can negatively effect and impair an individual’s ability to perform their work both safely and effectively.
  • Higher risks of injury, damage and loss occur through the use of drugs and alcohol by individuals, both on and off the job.
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